Point Your Head and Heart…Your Ass will Follow

How many of life’s disappointing destinations have you arrived against your will?

Has every attempt to direct your journey been derailed by circumstance?

Have you allowed circumstances to halt progress to your desired destination?

Allow me to share a short read describing how thinking it, believing it and actively pushing thru situational events that cloud your path can land you precisely where you intended.

Gratitude A Practical Application

Much has been said about the attitude of gratitude. Many Guru’s, religious leaders and peddlers of feel good philosophies talk about the need to cultivate this, but can’t explain how or why it works.

We are asked to go on faith that it just works. In these pages you will find two short contrasting accounts explaining how gratitude works for and against you in your interaction with all you come in contact with.

Failure is the harvested crop for those who do not understand this practical principle.

Quit Jerkin’ Off

Science argues that the human species has been on the planet for hundreds of thousands of years. Human remains have been found in the mid-paleolithic era.

Have you considered the advances our species has made since those caveman days? Would you believe humankind is losing in excess of that much time in our collective productivity to one single vice every year? Think of the many habits and vices we face as a species. Think of the vices and habits you wish to break.

This small collection of pages is designed to increase awareness of what negative habit is stealing from you.

STIHL Runnin

Have you ever stumbled across an item in a drawer, a closet, or the dark recesses of the garage that you could have used so many times, but didn’t realize you had?

Have you had something amazing in your possession, but only discovered it’s full usefulness years after acquiring it? You are right now in possession of the most useful, most powerful and most influential instrument that has ever existed. If mishandled it has been proven to be the most destructive instrument wielded.

How are you using it?

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Gina N, Amazon Five Stars

Great wisdom! Once you are determined to reach your goal, you simply do not quit. Roadblocks will appear to force a new direction and a great growth opportunity, if you choose to accept it.


Mary Ann C., Amazon Five Stars

Prepare to be soulfully fed with very frank dialogue that leaves nothing to the imagination. Walk with this author as he learns through the eyes of a child, through personal adversity and finally through successes that he himself dreamed possible…in raw form-it all makes sense.

David H., Amazon Five Stars

All of the wasted time that you have doing crap that is not productive in your life- QJO! Put your focus on the vision you have. Eliminate unnecessary people, events, social media, porn…Focus on the task at hand. QJO!