Meet SGOC Media 

The Quit Jerkin’ Off InitiativeSM exists to inspire action, by highlighting the stories of the tired, the bruised and the bloody, in pursuit of their life’s purpose. We will participate in Recreation with IntentionSM to reveal the highs and lows that accompany each person on the journey to success.

Aaron Chapman

Most of what I learned early in life came from getting back up after taking a header into the concrete. It’s the willingness to give 100% and the ability to learn from mistakes, though, that led me to successes in the real estate finance industry like Scotsman Guide national rankings in the top 1% for units closed.

Hard work and perseverance have enabled me to develop expertise in the analysis and structure of multiple financed properties for the real estate investor, self-employment income/credit analysis, and owner-occupied financing. Enthusiasm turned a love of the outdoors into nearly a decade of service to my local sheriff’s office in a mountain/desert rescue unit. Commitment (re-commitment at times) and dedication have helped my wife and me to sustain a 24-year marriage. And honest sharing of life lessons has been key in raising our four kids – the most important lesson being get back up and experience so much failure that you cannot help but succeed!!!

Floyd Carns

Without the financial resources to go to college, I knew I was going to have to work extremely hard to get where I wanted to be in life. I left high school early to get my GED and start my construction career framing homes. I gained experience in several different trades until I eventually became a superintendent with a homebuilder. After also working in the automotive industry, which gave me a chance to focus on one of my other passions, I was employed by an insurance restoration company for nearly nine years. I decided in 2011 that it was time to start my own company Empire Services West, and I continue to own and operate that company today, along with Red State Builders which is a commercial development company and ESW Roofing.

I have a wife, Amanda (whom I met in Rocket Point, Mexico), three sons (ages 16, 15, and 15), and two daughters (four years old and nine months old). I enjoy fabricating in the shop, traveling, camping, snowboarding, wake surfing, hunting, shooting, and most any outdoor activity.

Joel Moyes

Since graduating from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in commercial real estate, I have spent more than two decades immersed in every aspect of real estate, from due diligence, financial engineering, underwriting, and pre-leasing, to development, site selection, tenant representation and strategic planning. Currently co-owner of Realty Executives, Phoenix (the second largest residential brokerage in Arizona), Kinetic Companies (a commercial real estate development company I co-founded in 2005), and Signature Title (a residential and commercial title insurance company), I am also the former State Director of the International Council of Shopping Centers, and a present member of multiple industry advisory boards.

In my free time, I co-founded Taking Care of Business, a charity organization focused on helping homeless men remain dedicated to their families. My own family includes my 14-year-old daughter, Seville, and my wife, Orenda, with whom I travel the world – in 2019, we even summited Kilimanjaro together! I am also a student pilot who speaks Japanese and Spanish, and I enjoy playing guitar, writing my own music, golfing, skiing, surfing, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, and hunting.

Clint Compton

My approach to work – and life – can be summed up by my favorite quote: “Be content to act, and leave the talking to others.” I am not only a mechanic with 20+ years of experience, but the owner of Desert Fleet Services, a recently founded mobile fleet service and repair business. I like to think of myself as representing the “dirty hands, clean money” crowd.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my wife Jessi and my two sons, Tanner and Andrew. I am an adventurer who once took a non-paying job as a stuntman; an avid outdoorsman who enjoys scuba diving, snowboarding, and hunting; a dirt biker; and a motorcycle enthusiast. For the past eight years, I have also served as a search and rescue volunteer and technical rescue team member for the Pinal County Sheriff Office.

Chris Peloquin

My love of filmmaking started in childhood, when I used the family camcorder to make parody movies. Although I also have a background in project/operations management for small to medium businesses, I’m now employed as a freelance videographer/photographer. I love to use my skills and experience to help people tell their story.

Born and raised in Phoenix, I am an adventurous, creative individual. I spent a year traveling throughout Mexico, South America, Europe, and Africa, living in a new city each month and working remotely. I once ate an eye taco from a street vendor in Mexico City, and I rode a bike down the famous Death Road in Bolivia. I am a self-proclaimed music buff who enjoys attending concerts, golfing, hiking, and of course continuing to travel.

Chloe Archibald

Having graduated in 2019, I am still new to the workforce. Being new to videography I still have a lot to learn. I’ve always loved the idea of creating, and am beyond excited to learn as much as I can by Chris’s side. Working for SGOC, I am constantly surrounded with the best mentors, soaking in every piece of advice I’m given.

I tend to make the most of all my free time, and have never been good at staying idle. I like to spend my time with my family, making the most out of any situation. I love traveling and plan to see and experience as much as I can in this life.